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Sonora CA Open Houses

Use the search form above to find Sonora open houses, or browse the listings below. Home sellers and real estate agents will list open house listings later in the week, usually starting on Thursday or Friday, so you will see the most listings later in the week. If you want to see other Chicago houses for sale, including foreclosures and condos, you can search for them on HomeFinder.com

Active Sonora Open House Listings

There are currently no open houses scheduled, check again in a couple days.

In the meantime, here are some homes for sale in Sonora:

Open House: citySonoraline1237 Arbona Cir.latitude37.986896zip95370longitude-120.392209stateCA
237 Arbona Cir.
Single Family Home
Open House: citySonoraline110955 Laru Ln.latitude38.002303zip95370longitude-120.406875stateCA
10955 Laru Ln.
Single Family Home
Open House: citySonoraline1Parcel 1 Olds Wards Ferry Rd.latitude37.9839zip95370longitude-120.39stateCA
Parcel 1 Olds Wards Ferry Rd.
Commercial Building
Open House: citySonoraline1No Numbers Mallard & Woodduckzip95370stateCA
No Numbers Mallard & Woodduck
Raw Land
Open House: citySonoraline1No Numbers Mallard Cir.zip95370stateCA
No Numbers Mallard Cir.
Raw Land
Open House: citySonoraline1Multiple Number Woodduck,Mall>zip95370stateCA
Multiple Number Woodduck,Mall>
Open House: citySonoraline113358 Mono Way Waylatitude37.9759zip95370longitude-120.352stateCA
13358 Mono Way Way
Commercial Building

16285 Parkridge Ave.
Single Family Home
Open House: citySonoraline112925 Cabezutlatitude37.987862zip95370longitude-120.361978stateCA
12925 Cabezut
Commercial Building
Open House: citySonoraline118239 Lambert Lake Rd.latitude37.2551zip95370longitude-119.618stateCA
18239 Lambert Lake Rd.
Single Family Home

13029 Beckwith Rd.
Multi-Family Home
Open House: citySonoraline116555 Charles Otter Dr.latitude38.042401zip95370longitude-120.279763stateCA
16555 Charles Otter Dr.
Single Family Home
Open House: citySonoraline11628 Parkridge Ave.latitude37.2551zip95370longitude-119.618stateCA
1628 Parkridge Ave.
Single Family Home
Open House: citySonoraline11311 Sanguinetti Rd.latitude37.974292zip95370longitude-120.361087stateCA
1311 Sanguinetti Rd.
Commercial Building
Open House: citySonoraline113949 Mono Waylatitude37.9772zip95370longitude-120.339stateCA
13949 Mono Way
Commercial Building
Open House: citySonoraline121797 Apple Hill Dr.latitude38.0173zip95370longitude-120.328stateCA
21797 Apple Hill Dr.
Single Family Home
Open House: citySonoraline115305 Bear Cub Dr.latitude38.0028zip95370longitude-120.308stateCA
15305 Bear Cub Dr.
Single Family Home
Open House: citySonoraline119391 & 19401 B Rawhide Rd.latitude37.98103zip95370longitude-120.310118stateCA
19391 & 19401 B Rawhide Rd.
Single Family Home

22736 Kewin Mill Rd.