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Visalia CA Open Houses

Use the search form above to find Visalia open houses, or browse the listings below. Home sellers and real estate agents will list open house listings later in the week, usually starting on Thursday or Friday, so you will see the most listings later in the week. If you want to see other Chicago houses for sale, including foreclosures and condos, you can search for them on HomeFinder.com

Active Visalia Open House Listings

There are currently no open houses scheduled, check again in a couple days.

In the meantime, here are some homes for sale in Visalia:

Open House: cityVisalialine13137 S. Michael St.latitude36.301726zip93292longitude-119.284751stateCA
3137 S. Michael St.
Single Family Home
Open House: cityVisalialine12615 S. Redwood St.latitude36.3072zip93277longitude-119.326stateCA
2615 S. Redwood St.
Single Family Home
Open House: cityVisalialine1831 South Laguna St.latitude36.322613zip93292longitude-119.251312stateCA
831 South Laguna St.
Single Family Home
Open House: cityVisalialine1933 West Westmont Avenuelatitude36.292469zip93277longitude-119.301433stateCA
933 West Westmont Avenue
Single Family Home
Open House: cityVisalialine1920 East Oakridge Ave.latitude36.352495zip93292longitude-119.282859stateCA
920 East Oakridge Ave.
Condominium Unit

Raw Land
Open House: cityVisaliazip93277stateCA

Commercial Building
Open House: cityVisalialine10 East Goshen Ave.latitude36.33501zip93292longitude-119.264939stateCA
0 East Goshen Ave.
Building Lot
Open House: cityVisalialine11201 Caldwell Ave. Westlatitude36.297668zip93277longitude-119.303826stateCA
1201 Caldwell Ave. West
Commercial Building
Open House: cityVisalialine1Pratt Ave.latitude36.368196zip93291longitude-119.323174stateCA
Pratt Ave.
Open House: cityVisalialine12461 North Divisaderolatitude36.351898zip93291longitude-119.312073stateCA
2461 North Divisadero
Building Lot
Open House: cityVisalialine15745 Elowin Dr. Westlatitude36.343692zip93291longitude-119.355348stateCA
5745 Elowin Dr. West
Single Family Home
Open House: cityVisalialine12030-2032 North Bridge St.latitude36.347614zip93291longitude-119.289047stateCA
2030-2032 North Bridge St.
Commercial Building
Open House: cityVisalialine1Visalia Rd. Eastlatitude36.291411zip93277longitude-119.305287stateCA
Visalia Rd. East
Open House: cityVisalialine1Noble Ave. Eastlatitude36.326793zip93292longitude-119.245209stateCA
Noble Ave. East
Raw Land
Open House: cityVisalialine1401 Ctr. Ave. Eastlatitude36.330816zip93291longitude-119.288674stateCA
401 Ctr. Ave. East
Commercial Building
Open House: cityVisalialine1Ave. 328latitude36.385388zip93291longitude-119.381254stateCA
Ave. 328
Raw Land
Open House: cityVisalialine130258 Rd. 68latitude36.338357zip93291longitude-119.418413stateCA
30258 Rd. 68
Commercial Building
Open House: cityVisalialine14520 Modoc Ct. Westlatitude36.353871zip93291longitude-119.341732stateCA
4520 Modoc Ct. West
Single Family Home
Open House: cityVisalialine14520 West Modoc Ct.latitude36.353871zip93291longitude-119.341732stateCA
4520 West Modoc Ct.
Single Family Home