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Port Richey FL Open Houses

Use the search form above to find Port Richey open houses, or browse the listings below. Home sellers and real estate agents will list open house listings later in the week, usually starting on Thursday or Friday, so you will see the most listings later in the week. If you want to see other Chicago houses for sale, including foreclosures and condos, you can search for them on HomeFinder.com

Active Port Richey Open House Listings

There are currently no open houses scheduled, check again in a couple days.

In the meantime, here are some homes for sale in Port Richey:

Open House: cityPort Richeyline18221 Hayward Ln.latitude28.276664zip34668longitude-82.725544stateFL
8221 Hayward Ln.
Single Family Home
Open House: cityHudsonline19633 New York Ave.latitude28.377zip34667longitude-82.6553stateFL
9633 New York Ave.
Multi-Family Home
Open House: cityHudsonline16625 Clark St.latitude28.3608zip34667longitude-82.7048stateFL
6625 Clark St.
Commercial Building
Open House: cityHudsonline1New York Ave.latitude28.3751zip34667longitude-82.6863stateFL
New York Ave.
Building Lot
Open House: cityPort Richeyline14832 Sunset Blvd.latitude28.271554zip34668longitude-82.734191stateFL
4832 Sunset Blvd.
Single Family Home
Open House: cityHudsonline16338 Harbor Dr.latitude28.3637zip34667longitude-82.709043stateFL
6338 Harbor Dr.
Single Family Home
Open House: cityPort Richeyline10 Harborpointe Dr.latitude28.279273zip34668longitude-82.739877stateFL
0 Harborpointe Dr.
Raw Land
Open House: cityHudsonline117119 Orwell Rd.latitude28.40657zip34667longitude-82.610926stateFL
17119 Orwell Rd.
Single Family Home
Open House: cityHudsonline113810 Celida Ave.latitude28.358009zip34667longitude-82.712656stateFL
13810 Celida Ave.
Single Family Home
Open House: cityHudsonline113710 Allyn Dr.latitude28.356541zip34667longitude-82.711207stateFL
13710 Allyn Dr.
Single Family Home
Open House: cityHudsonline114205 Oakwood Dr.latitude28.381931zip34669longitude-82.580432stateFL
14205 Oakwood Dr.
Single Family Home
Open House: cityHudsonline114515 Giddyup Ln.latitude28.366065zip34669longitude-82.623477stateFL
14515 Giddyup Ln.
Single Family Home
Open House: cityHudsonlatitude28.428938zip34667longitude-82.630907stateFL

Single Family Home
Open House: cityHudsonlatitude28.427704zip34667longitude-82.629257stateFL

Single Family Home
Open House: cityHudsonline111223 Eagle Bend Dr.latitude28.42766zip34667longitude-82.629805stateFL
11223 Eagle Bend Dr.
Single Family Home
Open House: cityHudsonline17308 Islander Ln.latitude28.383499zip34667longitude-82.693943stateFL
7308 Islander Ln.
Single Family Home
Open House: cityHudsonline118642 Fairway Green Dr.latitude28.4292zip34667longitude-82.624748stateFL
18642 Fairway Green Dr.
Single Family Home
Open House: cityHudsonline114100 Beechtree Ct.latitude28.425598zip34667longitude-82.582191stateFL
14100 Beechtree Ct.
Single Family Home
Open House: cityHudsonline113919 Craterlatitude28.360402zip34669longitude-82.585133stateFL
13919 Crater
Single Family Home
Open House: cityHudsonline118655 Autumn Lake Blvd.latitude28.427587zip34667longitude-82.58599stateFL
18655 Autumn Lake Blvd.
Single Family Home